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What Is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

When most people refer to ethnic rhinoplasty, they’re talking about a rhinoplasty performed on people who are Asian, Indian, Indian-Asian, and people of color. However, a rhinoplasty is a rhinoplasty, but there are some differences in how they are performed on different people. A rhinoplasty involves changing the infrastructure of the nose, the cartilages inferiorly, …

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What Is a Natural Rhinoplasty?

There’s nothing truly natural about changing your nose. The term “natural” is a euphemistic word, but as it relates to rhinoplasty, it refers to surgery to the nose that doesn’t look as if the nose has been altered. There are far too many rhinoplasties that result in noses that clearly look  “revised.” My goal is …

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Can Rhinoplasty Fix a Wide Nose?

Rhinoplasty is a wonderful procedure where we sculpt the nose and every patient should get an individualized consultation to determine what can be done to improve the appearance of this feature. What’s different about rhinoplasty for a wide nose?  The difference between wide-nose rhinoplasty and other rhinoplasties depends on the location of the excessive width …

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