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It may come as a surprise to some people, but your hairline can have a significant impact on your overall appearance. Our foreheads and hairlines can serve as a way to frame out other features, bringing out the most in how we look. So if you are dissatisfied with where your hairline naturally starts, you may find a solution in forehead reduction in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Jonathan Sykes is proud to offer personalized cosmetic procedures that deliver lasting, transformative results. As a specialist in facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Sykes has helped thousands of patients find a way to achieve, bringing out the best in every patient. Get started on planning your procedure for hairline lowering in Beverly Hills today!

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What Is Forehead Reduction?

Forehead reduction is a cosmetic procedure that focuses on bringing down the hairline. Also called a hairline lowering procedure, it aims to help patients achieve a better framing aesthetic for their face overall. As with most cosmetic procedures, less is more when it comes to forehead reduction. We generally will lower the hairline by only a couple of centimeters at most, but the results are still transformative. With a lower hairline, many patients report feeling more confident and comfortable in their facial appearances, seeing a balanced aesthetic that they love.

Benefits of Hairline Lowering

  • Take control over your facial appearance
  • Achieve a look that matches your inner self

Am I a Candidate for Forehead Reduction?

Forehead reduction can be an ideal option for patients who want to see enhancements in their hairline placement. This procedure is popular for both men and women, as well as part of facial feminization surgery for patients transitioning male-to-female. An ideal patient will have good
skin elasticity for optimal results, as well as healthy expectations and an understanding of what the procedure can do. It is important for patients to know this is not a procedure for hair loss. While it does move the hairline, it will only be temporary if you are suffering from pattern baldness.

What Is the Procedure Like?

A typical forehead reduction procedure takes about two hours, though this can vary slightly. While you are sedated and comfortable, Dr. Sykes makes the targeted incisions to lower your hairline. Every incision is made with precision so that any scarring is virtually invisible afterward. After your hairline procedure is over, Dr. Sykes will double check to ensure everything is according to your plan. After he is sure everything looks good, you can even return home that same day.

The Recovery Process

Recovery from any cosmetic procedure can vary and depends on your health and the extent of your surgery. It will also be important to fully follow all of Dr. Sykes post-procedure instructions to help along your recovery. When everything goes smoothly, patients can expect about one week of downtime for their initial recovery.
During this time, patients will usually take time off work and focus on healing up. There can be some swelling and discomfort around the treated part of your forehead, but you can manage this easily enough in most cases with proper medication. The more time you give yourself to rest, the better things will be in the end. Be sure to reach out to us by phone if you have any additional questions or concerns while recovering. We will always be happy to provide additional information if needed.

When Can I See Results?

In short, you can see results immediately after your procedure. The surgery itself moves your hairline to its new position. However, it can take some time to be able to fully appreciate the results and see your new aesthetic fully realized. As the swelling and any bruising goes down, you will be able to see your final results start to shine through. For most patients, this will be about a couple of weeks after their procedure. But once you see your results, they will be with you for years. However, it will be important to take good care of your scalp and hairline to ensure that it stays healthy in the years to come.

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With forehead reduction, you can finally be in control of your appearance, more than ever before. Nothing will stand in the way anymore of achieving your ideal self. Call our office today or use our online form to schedule your consultation for hairline lowering in Beverly Hills with Dr. Jonathan Sykes. Dr. Sykes works closely with you to discover your desires and then works with you to build your plan to achieve them. With careful, compassionate communication, he is by your side to provide a personalized experience with your needs always at the center. Contact us today to learn more about forehead reduction in Beverly Hills and take the next step toward your ideal self.