Liquid Nose Jobs
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The Beverly Hills Guide to Liquid Nose Jobs

A liquid “nose job” (injectable rhinoplasty) offers immediate natural results beautiful in patients who either want a minor change in their nose, or who are not psychologically or financially ready for a surgical rhinoplasty. A liquid rhinoplasty may be the correct choice for those patients who want to see what their nose looks like with a temporary and reversible cosmetic alteration, before committing to the permanent results of surgical rhinoplasty. Plus, a liquid “nose job” requires little or no recovery time. Here’s a quick guide.
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What is a liquid nose job?

A liquid “nose job”, or liquid rhinoplasty, or injectable rhinoplasty is a new type of non-surgical rhinoplasty that uses injectable dermal fillers to reshape and recontour the nose. This procedure works very well in building up the nasal bridge, or camouflaging a depression or a nasal hump. In certain patients, Botulinum toxin may be injected simultaneously to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, or to diminish the activity of the depressor muscles of the nasal tip, thereby creating nasal tip elevation.

In my practice, we often do liquid rhinoplasty in conjunction with other facial fillers, such as chin augmentation. This maximizes the appearance of the facial profile and other facial proportions.

Liquid nose jobs are indicated for patients who do not have an overly large nose, but have a nasal hump, or a tip that is depressed or tatic. The application of dermal fillers above or below the nasal hump can camouflage the hump, and create a straight nasal profile. If filler material is injected into the nasal tip, it can lift the tip, and provide increased nasal tip definition. The combination of camouflaging a nasal hump, and defining the nasal tip, has a profound aesthetic impact on the nasal and facial profile.

Click here and here to see Dr. Sykes do a liquid rhinoplasty with accompanying chin augmentation. 

How long does a liquid nose job last?

Liquid rhinoplasty is typically performed with hyaluronic acid fillers. These fillers are the safest, because they can be reversed with an injection of hyaluronan base, if a lump or bump occurs after the injection — or if there is an impending vascular compromise. Interestingly, the duration of the results of a facial filler is related to filler itself and the location it is placed. Hyaluronic acid injections into the nose last for a particularly long time. ALthough I quote a duration of 6-9 months, I have commonly seen fillers last 1.5-2 years, without needing to be reinjected. I believe this occurs, due to the relative immobility of the nasal soft tissues. For these reasons, filler in the lip lasts a short time, and filler in the nose can last much longer.

How much does a liquid rhinoplasty cost?

The cost of a liquid rhinoplasty is based on the region of the country, and the experience of the provider. In most other areas of the face, patients are used to paying for the amount of filler used. I feel that liquid rhinoplasty that is a specialized skill, with greater risks, and commands a higher price than other regions of the face.

Inexperienced injectors may charge $600-700, while more experienced injectors may charge $1000-2000. It is important to note that surgical rhinoplasty on a patient that has no prior surgery may cost $10-15,000, and for this reason, injectable rhinoplasty is much less expensive than is a surgical procedure. Revision rhinoplasty procedures often cost more than this, and the differential is even greater.

It is important to note that many injectors have very little experience with the nasal anatomy, and the unique aesthetic considerations related to the nose. The increased complication rate with nasal filler injections mandate that the patient choose an experienced person to perform injection rhinoplasty.

Does it hurt to get a liquid nose job?

Surprisingly, injectable rhinoplasties are relatively pain-free. The skin can be anesthetized with topical lidocaine cream, and most hyaluronic acid formulations, such as Juvederm or Restylane are mixed with lidocaine, so that only the initial injection stings. The lower half of the nose has more nerves than the upper half, so if these injections are performed slowly, and a waiting period occurs after the first, all subsequent injections after the first are not painful.

While the nose is a very sensitive area filled with blood vessels and nerves, the vast majority of patients getting liquid nose jobs are pleasantly surprised at how relatively painless the procedure is. Depending on the method of your doctor, you will receive ice packs or topical anesthetics before your injections, and most dermal fillers include a dose of lidocaine to further dull any pain. The needle used is very small and thin.

You may experience slight stinging and pressure as the filler is injected, but it is very tolerable, and an expert practitioner will check to make sure you are adequately numbed and comfortable during the procedure. As far as pain afterward, there is virtually none. You may have a little bit of tenderness when touching or moving your nose (you should try not to, by the way, because it’s best to let the filler settle into position), and you may get a little bit of bruising, but this is easily concealed with makeup. Any swelling, redness, discomfort, or signs you ever had the procedure done at all will be very minimal and resolve quite quickly.

What should I expect when getting a liquid rhinoplasty?

Before going into your liquid rhinoplasty appointment, be sure to follow any preparation instructions if your surgeon gives any to you. These may include avoiding NSAID pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen, blood-thinning medications, and excess alcohol prior to the procedure. Doing so will help minimize bleeding and bruising afterward. When you come into your appointment, you and your practitioner will discuss your aesthetic goals for your nose, if you haven’t already in a prior consultation. Your doctor will then numb you with ice, topical anesthetics, or lidocaine injections. You will then lie in a semi-reclining position while filler is injected into specific areas on and around your nose. From start to finish, the whole procedure usually takes under 30 minutes. Many patients come in and have it done on their lunch hour, it is so quick and easy.

After a liquid rhinoplasty, patients are asked to ice their nose for a few hours, and to sit with their head elevated. Patients do experience three to four days of soreness in their nose, that is usually relieved with Tylenol or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory such as Advil or Motrin. Patients do not require stronger pain medications.

Should I get a surgical rhinoplasty or a liquid nose job?

The decision to get a liquid nose job or a surgical rhinoplasty is the patient’s. This is is best done after a consultation with someone that does both procedures. The negatives of a liquid rhinoplasty is that it cannot make the nose smaller. The advantages of a liquid rhinoplasty are that it makes the nose more balanced, but it cannot make the nose smaller. Patients should consider this before making a decision. If patients want a smaller nose, they can only achieve this with surgical rhinoplasty.

How soon will my nose look normal after a liquid nose job?

The advantage of a liquid rhinoplasty is that the results are present almost immediately. I often give patients right after I inject their nose, and they’re astonished and happy, immediately. Because the swelling is fairly minimal, the results are immediate and representative of the final outcome. Your nose may show slight swelling, redness, or bruising for a few days after a liquid rhinoplasty, but many patients experience almost no visible effects, even the day of the procedure. Any signs you ever had a liquid rhinoplasty done are usually only noticeable to the patient themselves, and easily concealable with makeup.

Do I need a liquid rhinoplasty doctor near me?

Patients interested in liquid rhinoplasty and other cosmetic facial procedures may wish to travel to a competitive location like Beverly Hills, just to ensure they have the very best in the business working on them. At our practice in Beverly Hills and Sacramento, it is not uncommon for us to have patients flying in from elsewhere for liquid rhinoplasty and all kinds of facial plastic surgery.