Lip lift plastic surgeon near me in Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills Guide to Lip Lifts

The goal of plastic surgery, and any cosmetic procedure in general, is to enhance the individual beauty of the client while making results look natural. If there is one area where practitioners routinely fail at this, it’s the lips. We’ve all seen celebrities with cringe-worthy “duck lips” that are so overdone, they become all we …

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The Expert Guide to Mini Neck Lifts

Patients love the concept of mini lifts, but they don’t always want mini lift results. In order to change someone’s neck and reverse the signs of aging, a careful diagnosis of what causes that individual’s neck aging is necessary. I believe that successful results in neck rejuvenation surgery start with an individualized diagnosis. That is …

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What Is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation can be performed in isolation, or it can be done as an adjunct to other aesthetic procedures, such as surgical or liquid rhinoplasty, buccal (cheek) fat removal, a face lift, or neck liposuction. Younger patients with small chins may need only chin augmentation to enjoy noticeable and beautiful results. However, in some patients …

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