Lip lift plastic surgeon near me in Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills Guide to Lip Lifts

The goal of plastic surgery, and any cosmetic procedure in general, is to enhance the individual beauty of the client while making results look natural. If there is one area where practitioners routinely fail at this, it’s the lips. We’ve all seen celebrities with cringe-worthy “duck lips” that are so overdone, they become all we …

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concept of what makes a beautiful nose

What Makes a Beautiful Nose?

Humans are visual creatures, so they will be able to see facial features first and above all else. A beautiful nose, eyes, and teeth are important for a lot of reasons, and all shapes and sizes reflect this. Beautiful noses can help you feel confident about your appearance. Many people believe that the nose is …

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concept of trans woman choosing her ffs surgeon

Tips for Choosing Your FFS Surgeon

You have likely gone through a lot to get your first facial feminization surgery appointment, and you deserve to be celebrated. FFS can help you be your authentic self through a series of cosmetic changes to the nose, cheeks, mouth, and other parts of the face. This procedure can be an important milestone for transfeminine …

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concept image of woman at best age for facelift

Best Age for a Facelift

Facelifts can help you look younger and more youthful by smoothing out your skin and decreasing deep-seated wrinkles. These procedures tighten the skin and lift sags, allowing people to feel more confident. Many of our patients are curious about the ideal age for a Beverly Hills facelift. We continue to provide the best facelift in …

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